Adapting to the hybrid workplace.
The successful launch and customer adoption of the RoomWizard convinced Steelcase to expand the Room + Desk Scheduling line of products. We got together with key Steelcase team members, brainstormed new devices, and quickly came up with a proof-of-concept desk signaling and management device called the DeskWizard. Developed and delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic, DeskWizard is perfectly timed to manage the new hybrid workplace. DeskWizard allows employees to easily find and reserve a desk or space in an office with shared workspaces.
The DeskWizard device is small and sits on the desktop or easily mounts to the edge of a work surface. Rather than a complex and expensive OLED display, we’ve kept costs down by utilizing standardized, printed cards with unique QR codes that can be easily replaced via a slide-out tray. As part of the Room + Desk Scheduling line of products the DeskWizard includes the edge lighting feature like the RoomWizard product. The edge lighting allows for clear wayfinding in crowded spaces and binary green and red signaling of available or occupied workspaces.

Employees and contractors can easily book a desk or workstation days in advance, day-of, or on-demand while in the office. The booking process is simple, hands-free and utilizes the Steelcase app for iOS or Android to reserve a space. Employees and office managers can also plan office usage in advance with the app and DeskWizard devices.​​​​​​​

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