Function, elegance, and durability.
After the launch of the Ratio Eight, the most requested accessory from customers was a thermal carafe. Ratio's glass carafe is simple and well-crafted, but hard-core users wanted the ability to keep coffee hot for hours with a carafe that delivered on the Ratio brand's reputation for quality and functionality. We got to work and helped Ratio craft a thermal carafe that completes the total product experience expected by Ratio's customer base.
The insulated dewar body will keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours after brewing. The handle and dewar body are stainless steel and resistant to corrosive coffee acids and oils. The counter weighted and indexed handle makes pouring feel natural and well-balanced. The precision pouring spout directs the coffee right into your cup, without any drips or dribbles down the side of the carafe.
We also designed the Ratio Dripper filter basket accessory to be functional, reliable, and attractive. The sturdy, thick porcelain walls help to maintain temperature stability and efficient water flow as well as being easy to clean. Available in 5 finishes, the Ratio Thermal Carafe is the perfect companion to the Ratio Eight, or as a standalone thermal pour over setup.

Services for Ratio:

Brand Development
Competitive Benchmarking, Framing, & Analysis
Art Direction
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
User Experience / User Interface
Software Development
Color, Materials, & Finish Development
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