Pour-over vibes.
After Ratio established itself as a major player in the specialty coffee space with the Ratio Eight Coffee Machine, they decided it was time to follow up on the success of that product with a brewer that maintained the quality expected of a high-end manufacturer but at a lower price-point. The Ratio Six is a leaner, lighter, and smaller expression of the Ratio brand. It fulfills the primary mission of great pour-over brewing that the Ratio brand is known for but appeals to a wider audience with a more accessible price. The slim footprint also fits into smaller and more cluttered kitchens where space is at a premium.

We kept the fundamentals of the Ratio pour-over experience onboard the Six with a powerful heating element, one-button interface, and software that automates the brewing cycle to deliver the best tasting coffee possible. To meet the more aggressive price point we designed the product around a stamped and formed stainless steel enclosure with a BPA-free polymer water tank. The open shower head feature has been maintained and any Ratio brand carafe and filter basket can be used with the Six

Services for Ratio:

Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
User Experience / User Interface
Color, Materials, & Finish Development​​​​​​​
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