There are coffee machines that make great coffee and there are coffee machines that look great.
Mark Hellweg, the founder of Ratio and the owner of Clive Coffee in Portland, was frustrated that he couldn't find the ideal coffee machine that combined both beautiful form and excellent functionality. He was also disappointed that so many machines incorporated ugly, injection-molded plastic surfaces that delivered meager hot water to the coffee grounds in an enclosed, mold-trapping brew basket. So, we established a strategic relationship with Mark and collaborated together to design and build the best automated pour-over coffee maker that the discerning coffee lover has ever seen.
The design of the Ratio Eight incorporates brand attributes such as “craft," “heritage," “clean," “minimalist," and “durable” which also align with the color, materials, and finishes chosen for the Eight. The color and material palette juxtaposes the precision of high-tech devices with the spontaneity of natural finishes. This adds up to a visual and functional solution that leverages the “Made in Portland” aspect of the Ratio brand with design and craftsmanship that is characteristic of the area.

While most appliances often have a built-in life span of 2-3 years, Ratio is designed to last decades by utilizing durable materials such as die-cast aluminum, wood, and borosilicate glass. Inspired by the precision of manual pour-over brewing, Ratio is smarter than your average coffee maker with responsive software, a simplified, one-button interface, a unique metal showerhead designed to uniformly saturate the coffee grounds, and a powerful heating element.
Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature for ideal extraction - brewing either too hot or too cold – the Ratio Eight consistently delivers water at the correct temperature because it always know how much water is in the tank. It's also the cleanest machine on the market with glass water lines, an open filter basket area, and metal or glass carafes to hold your perfectly brewed coffee. You'll never taste better coffee at home than you will with the Ratio Eight.

Services for Ratio:

Brand Development
Competitive Benchmarking, Framing, & Analysis
Art Direction
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
User Experience / User Interface
Software Development
Color, Materials, & Finish Development