"Ugly and cheap."
Design Within Reach approached several Portland-area designers to reinvent products in the multi-billion dollar pet accessory category. We stepped up to the challenge by researching the market and determining that the lowly cat scratching post was the accessory most in need of a redesign. "Ugly and cheap" was the number one thing that most cat owners complained about when discussing their pet's scratching post accessories. Our solution is a very modern cat scratching post constructed of a wooden scratching column with a polished 11” diameter diecast aluminum base.
The smooth and sculptural form is timeless and is designed to fit into a modern residential space and be complimentary to the home environment when not in use. The wood grain is pliable enough for a cat’s claw-sharpening activities but sturdy enough to keep it’s overall shape. The contrasting pattern and direction of the grain help to disguise claw marks allowing for years of use and continued beauty.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The simple two-piece construction allows for a fresh wooden column to be attached to the base or for easy disassembly and recycling of both components.

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