Built for the long haul.
Coherent is a leader in laser measurement devices and systems, but they realized that they had a problem. How should they redesign one of their best-selling measurement devices, the Labmax, and create a product that would have a durability and shelf-life of 15 to 20 years?
Coherent invited us to collaborate with them to help them solve that problem. We redesigned, redeveloped, and reconfigured the Labmax while creating a fresh new design language for Coherent from the ground up. We analyzed the core use-case of the Labmax product and did a deep-dive into the entire lab-oriented laser measurement device market. This helped us identify the key issues and problems affecting users of these products and fed into our brainstorming and ideation sessions for the Labmax. It also helped the project leadership at Coherent focus on the design concepts that best fit their customers’ needs, solved their customers problems, and offered the greatest amount of functionality.
After identifying and refining the ideal design concept for the new Labmax device we set about deconstructing the chosen design direction to create the new 3D design language tool kit for Coherent. Establishing a design language for hardware helps drive visual and functional consistency across products for Coherent in the hand-held, lab meter device space and beyond. The Labmax is the first device that represents Coherent’s new look and feel. It’s simple, pure, and rugged and will last for decades to come. ​​​​​​​

Services for Coherent:

Design Strategy
Trend Analysis
Competitive Benchmarking
Creative Direction
Design Language Development
Industrial Design
Product Development​​​​​​​

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