Focus. Light.
Canvas is a highly successful start-up that has enjoyed double-digit growth since their founding in 2020. They’ve managed this explosive growth with one product: the Canvas Light. As their business grew during the pandemic they knew that they needed to broaden their product line beyond one light and a few accessories to continue to expand and build their business in the social media creator space.​​​​​​​

We joined forces with Canvas when the founder, Stuart Jones, was thinking seriously about evolving his company with new products. This evolution included the addition of a product in a new lighting category and upping the general design refinement of Canvas’ offerings. ​​​​​​​

The Focus Light fits nicely into Canvas’ line-up as a product that can create studio-quality lighting in a small form factor. It's built with a flexible armature for a multitude of angles, three light level settings, three light temperature settings, a slot for slides with background effects called a "Gobo", and the ability to blend into the user's environment as a beautiful desk lamp when the light is not in use.​​​​​​​

Services for Canvas:

Trend Analysis
Innovation Development
Creative Direction
Color, Materials, and Finish
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering​​​​​​​
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